The University of Tokyo has started industry-academia joint research with Nippon Trim (President, Shinkatsu Morisawa, Osaka City), which sells electrolytic hydrogen water conditioners, to elucidate the functions of electrolytic hydrogen water, which is widely used in both medical and agricultural fields. I did.We will elucidate the mechanism of electrolytic hydrogen water with antioxidant properties from the aspect of physical characteristics, and develop a method for producing and utilizing more highly functional electrolytic hydrogen water.
According to Nihon Trim, the research period is until the end of September 2016.Professor Ichiro Sakata of the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Engineering will be in charge of research, and will proceed with research with Mr. Shigeru Kabayama, MD Office Manager of Nihon Trim.

 Electrolyzed hydrogen water is produced from the controlled medical device "electrolytic hydrogen water conditioner" specified by the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Law, and contains abundant alkaline and antioxidant hydrogen.The electrolytic hydrogen water conditioner is a device that removes impurities such as chlorine and lead contained in tap water with a water purification filter to generate alkaline water rich in antioxidant hydrogen.
When electrolyzed hydrogen water is used in agricultural products, it is expected that the antioxidant components contained in vegetables will increase and the yield will increase.Nihon Trim grows vegetables using the electrolyzed hydrogen water generated by the reduced vegetable water conditioner that was originally developed, and develops the brand of products.

 In the medical field, we are conducting joint research with Tohoku University School of Medicine and Taiwan University School of Medicine to apply electrolyzed hydrogen water technology to blood dialysis.If this technology is put into practical use, it is expected to improve the quality of life of patients.

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