Nagoya University has received the only platinum certification in Japan for the rating system of the Sustainable Campus (* 1) evaluation system.According to the evaluation results of 2014 and 2015 conducted by the Sustainable Campus Promotion Council, it is the highest rank in the 4-grade evaluation.

 According to Nagoya University, this evaluation achieved a high score rate of 170% out of 88 evaluation criteria, and platinum out of the four grades of "platinum", "gold", "silver", and "bronze". It was determined that it corresponds to.

 Research activities that contribute to energy-saving technology, including the invention of blue light-emitting diode by Professor Isamu Akasaki and Professor Hiroshi Amano, Future Materials and Systems Research Institute, energy saving such as "Campus Master Plan", and waste management throughout the university Activities in collaboration with a wide range of external organizations, such as promotion activities, energy management research and study groups, and facility management research groups, were highly evaluated.In addition, regional service activities such as environmental education seminars and extension lectures, reuse markets and flower-filled campaigns at Toyoda Auditorium centered on environmental circles, and regional disaster prevention activities conducted by the Disaster Mitigation Collaboration Research Center are also highly evaluated.

 The accreditation will be valid for the next three years, but Nagoya University says, "We would like to continue activities to further promote sustainable campuses without being overwhelmed by the evaluation."

(* 1) Sustainable Campus University activities that consider the global environment and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society

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