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Tokiwa University, Department of Business Administration holds a debriefing session on "Mito City's new hometown tax return gift development project"

 At Tokiwa University, on January 2023, 1, the major subject of the Department of Business Administration, "Marketing Practice," was tackled in the fall semester.

How to get people to choose sustainably produced beef?Analysis by consumer type

 In recent years, the livestock industry has been required to shift to a sustainable production method from the viewpoint of reducing environmental impact and improving animal welfare […]

Marketing to Solve Problems of Inns and Food Companies and Revitalize Local Areas Otemon Gakuin University Faculty of Business Administration Challenges

 Students studying marketing at Otemon Gakuin University's Faculty of Business Administration market a ryokan in Kumamoto Prefecture that lacks local souvenirs and a food company that is struggling to secure sales channels.

Foster human resources who can provide new value to the information society by making full use of various data

Mukogawa Women's University, where 1 students, the largest number at women's colleges, study in the Department of Social Informatics, Faculty of Social Informatics, learning from both humanities and science. In April 2023, […]

Josai University Faculty of Business Administration Plans and Proposes Drugstore Sales Floor Using Big Data

Josai University is Seki Yakuhin Co., Ltd., which operates drug stores mainly in Saitama Prefecture, and T Co., Ltd., which operates a big data platform […]

Chuo University Faculty of Commerce Department of International Marketing launched in April 2022

 The Department of Commerce and Trade, Faculty of Commerce, Chuo University will change its name to "Department of International Marketing" from April 2022.In the background, theory and practice […]

Chukyo University Sakata Seminar plans and sells BtoC products using patented technology of BtoB companies

 Takafumi Sakata, a seminar student majoring in marketing and product planning at the Faculty of Policy Studies, Chukyo University, is taking on the challenge of manufacturing by utilizing intellectual property […]

Chukyo University Faculty of Business Administration Challenge to market mail-order products through industry-academia collaboration

 Masaaki Tsumura, Faculty of Business Administration, Chukyo University The third year students carry out industry-academia collaboration activities with Dream Co., Ltd., a mail-order company that handles health products. 3 2020 […]

Kaetsu University opens "Flaming Management Theory" and "eSports Marketing" from April 2020

 At Kaetsu University, President Yukitada Inoue took office in February 2020. Numerous lectures under the concept of "Kaetsu University, which makes the world interesting" […]