On May 2023, 5, at Edogawa University, Mr. Kenta Sugawara, General Producer of the Planning and Development Group, Label Business Headquarters, Avex Entertainment Inc., participated in the class "Music Marketing Theory" (teacher in charge: Professor Naoki Sekine), Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Management and Social Sciences. Invited and gave a special lecture.

 The title of the lecture was "Introduction to Artist Management".Mr. Sugawara devoted himself to the label business at Funhouse and Sony Music Entertainment, and then was involved in the artist management business at Avex Management, working with many artists such as hitomi and TRF.He's now back in the label business, where he's responsible for the catalog business that reinvigorates past songs and artists.

 In the lecture, Mr. Sugawara talked about his own experiences so far and the three points of artist management: "brand management," "business management," and "people management." "Music Marketing Theory" is a specialized subject for practical study of the music business that can be taken by second-year students and above. rice field.

Reference: [Edogawa University] Department of Management and Social Sciences invited Avex General Producer to give a special lecture

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