List of articles on housing

Investigation by Acura Home and Japan Women's University on how to use rooms in detached houses and the impact of the corona disaster

 A joint research team of Japan Women's University and Acura Home investigated the residents of detached houses built by Acura Home (2011, 2016) […]

Musashino University concludes an agreement with Tokyo to revitalize the area by students moving into metropolitan housing

 Tokyo Metropolitan Housing and Musashino […] to revitalize Tokyo Metropolitan Housing, which is having an adverse effect on local communities such as the decline of residents' association activities due to the aging of the population.

The University of Tokyo and Musashino University start joint research to establish an "environmental evaluation method" for renovating existing houses Sumitomo Realty & Development cooperates

 Professor Takeshi Seike, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, University of Tokyo, Takayuki Isobe, Lecturer, Department of Environment Systems, Faculty of Engineering, Musashino University, Sumitomo Real Estate Co., Ltd.