List of articles on the anniversary project

Josai International University and the mayor of Ichinomiya Town, Chiba Prefecture, the surfing venue for the Tokyo Olympics, give a lecture on “Olympic Legacy” 

 Mayor Masaya Mabuchi of Ichinomiya Town, Chiba Prefecture, which was the surfing venue for the "Tokyo 2021 Olympics" held in the summer of 2020, announced the castle on June 6 […]

Kyoto University, 125th Anniversary of Athletic Association Students Commemorative Event

 To commemorate the 125th anniversary of the founding of Kyoto University, a commemorative event hosted by active students of the Kyoto University Sports Union, "Kyoto University Sports Union, is totally fascinating […]

Josai International University opens a series of courses to commemorate the 30th anniversary of its founding The first time is 4/28 "Medical Care and AI"

 Josai International University is a series of lectures "Lec […]" that explains various research themes in an easy-to-understand manner and thinks together as part of the 30th anniversary commemorative project.

Kanagawa University Library Reopened Electronic Resources and Materials for Yokohama and Kanagawa

 Kanagawa University reopened the university library on April 2022, 4. Founded 5 […] as part of future plans for the 100th anniversary