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2nd University Reform Seminar Using ICT, Reality and Reality of Kagawa University's DX Promotion with Digital ONE Strategy Held on 9/28

On September 2022, 9 (Wednesday), Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. will target faculty members of universities and higher education institutions and staff members of IT departments to “Use ICT […]

Nihon University officially approves writer Mariko Hayashi as new president

 Nihon University held a board meeting and officially approved Mariko Hayashi (68), a writer from the Faculty of Arts who had been appointed as the new chairman.She has a four-year term.Ta […]

University reform seminar using ICT University DX theme by Kagawa University in collaboration with teaching profession 6/29

Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. is online with the theme of "university reform utilizing ICT" for faculty and staff of universities and higher education institutions […]

University of Tsukuba obtains double A plus and triple A credit ratings

 University of Tsukuba has received a credit rating of "Double A Plus" from Rating and Investment Information, Inc. (R & I) and "Triple A" from Japan Credit Rating Agency (JCR) […]

Kinki University earns AA from Rating and Investment Information, Inc. for 6 consecutive years

 Kinki University received the 17th rating from the Rating and Investment Information, Inc., and received the third highest rating of "AA (Rating Direction: Stable)" out of 21 […]

The University of Tokyo "General Meeting of Shareholders" was held independently for the first time, 400 people watched

 On November 2021, 11, the University of Tokyo's "General Meeting of Shareholders" will be held online, where the University of Tokyo will report on its business conditions, financial status, future activities, etc. […]

Highest evaluation by Tokyo University of the Arts and Yamanashi University Achievement of medium-term plan of national university

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology evaluated the progress in 79 toward the achievement of the medium-term plan of 4 national university corporations and 2020 inter-university research institute corporations, and Tokyo University of the Arts […]

Yamagata University Management Cooperation Off-Campus Committee Statements to Enhance National Support for Strengthening National Universities

 Mieko Yoshimura, Governor of Yamagata Prefecture, Masuo Aizawa, Advisor to the Japan Science and Technology Agency, and nine outside members of the Yamagata University Management Council are working to strengthen the functions of the National University Corporation […]

Keio University and Tokyo Dental College merged, schedule revised due to Corona

 Keio University, a school corporation, and Tokyo Dental College have been discussing with the aim of a merger in 2023, but due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it is timely […]

The University of Tokyo WG makes a final report on excluding experienced presidents from the selection meeting

 The University of Tokyo's working group ([…]) was considering the ideal way of selecting the president after the process of selecting the president in 2020 was criticized both inside and outside the university.
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