List of articles on industry-government-academia collaboration

Shimadzu Corporation, Hokkaido Information University, and others begin a 10-year continuous study on food and cognitive function in Ebetsu City

 Precision equipment manufacturer Shimadzu Corporation, Ebetsu City, Hokkaido, Hokkaido Information University, National Institute of Agriculture and Food Industry, and Self-Care Food Council have a maximum of 1,20 […]

Saitama Institute of Technology to Introduce Autonomous Driving Technology to Fukaya City Industry-Government-Academia Partnership Agreement Concluded with "Fukaya Autonomous Driving Implementation Consortium"

 On June 2023, 6, Saitama Institute of Technology established Fukaya City, A-Drive Co., Ltd., Aisan Technology Co., Ltd., Sompo Japan Insurance Co., Ltd. […]

Sharp and Kanagawa Institute of Technology empirical research on ear canal type hearing aids in Toshima, from 16th

Sharp, a major consumer electronics company, will start demonstration research on a newly developed in-ear hearing aid that can be remotely controlled on the island of Toshima in the Izu Islands on the 16th.Tokyo […]

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Begins Public Recruitment for 2023 Support Projects for the Project to Create Advanced Cases of Smart Tokyo Centered on Local Communities

 In Tokyo, municipalities, universities, local companies, etc. are working together to solve local issues by making the city smarter […]

Toyo University and Fujitsu Develop AI Model to Estimate Special Fraud Damage Verification at Elderly Homes in Amagasaki City

 Toyo University, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, and Fujitsu are developing AI (artificial intelligence […]

Juntendo University Nerima Hospital's "Regional CGS" won the "Cogeneration Award 2022" Award for Excellence in the Consumer Use Category

 Juntendo University School of Medicine Nerima Hospital is a general incorporated foundation Cogeneration and Energy Advanced Utilization Center (common name: Cogeneration […]

Joshibi University of Art and Design establishes "Co-creative Design Department" in April 2023, promoting practical learning such as industry-government-academia collaboration projects

 Joshibi University of Art and Design will establish a new Department of Co-Creation Design in April 2023. For four years from the 4st year to the 1th year, an industry-government-academia collaboration project […]

Josai University Commercializes “Golden Kabosu Yokan” Using Local Specialties as a Cross-Faculty Collaborative Project

 Josai University (Sakado City, Saitama Prefecture, President Yozo Fujino), Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Medical Nutrition, Assistant Professor Junta Ito, is an advisor and belongs to a sports nutrition circle.

Self-driving bus of Saitama Institute of Technology, demonstration experiment on public roads in Makuhari Shintoshin area

 Saitama Institute of Technology, Keisei Bus Co., Ltd., Sompo Japan Insurance Co., Ltd., Aisan Technology Co., Ltd., Construction Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., stock […]

Partnership agreement with Hokkaido University, Furano City, and Oracle Japan for smart cities

 Hokkaido University signed an industry-government-academia collaboration agreement with Furano City in Hokkaido and Oracle Japan to promote smart cities in Furano City.Division submitted by Furano City […]