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Awareness survey on Gen Z's homes What is worrisome is the internet environment and "home shine"

 SHIBUYA109 lab., A youth marketing research institute operated by SHIBUYA109 Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Shi […]]

Announcement of "2021 Trend Award" and "2022 Trend Forecast" selected by female students Neolaia

 Neolaia Co., Ltd., which provides service planning and consulting for Generation Z and SNS operation agency, has 2,331 junior high school and high school students nationwide […]

Started "Gen Z Mirai Zukuri Project" with Mr. Yohei Harada, Shibaura Institute of Technology as a public relations advisor

 Shibaura Institute of Technology has signed a public relations advisory contract with Yohei Harada, a marketing analyst who is a leading researcher in youth research. "Gen Z Mira […]