Link and Motivation's Motivation Engineering Laboratory, which uses methods that make use of academic achievements such as business administration to solve organizational problems and support individual growth, has released a management method for young people called Generation Z.It is necessary to create an environment that not only accommodates diversifying values, but also draws out intentions.

 According to the Motivation Engineering Institute, this magic method was compiled based on the self-diagnosis results of about 2015 job-hunting students conducted from 2022 to 35 and the management results of about 4,000 people.

 A characteristic of Gen Z job hunting students is that they are good at logical thinking and the ability to cooperate well with others, but they are weak in the ability to take action and stick to their own opinions when the overall picture and future cannot be seen. , pointed out that this characteristic is strongly manifested in job hunting students in 2022.

 Although they can play an active role in situations where they are given solid goals and roles and have the support of their superiors, based on their own experience, they will use their originality and ingenuity to deal with the lack of support from their superiors. If you don't do it, you have a weakness that you can't show your power, and this tendency is conspicuous under remote work.

 For this reason, the Motivation Engineering Institute proposes that it is necessary to stay close to the values ​​of the increasingly diverse Generation Z, and at the same time, strive to create an environment in which superiors draw out individual intentions.

reference:[Link and Motivation] Published research results on "Management required for Generation Z" (PDF)

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