The Faculty of Community Policy, Shukutoku University has started the 2018 "Tokyo Disney Resort and Surrounding Hotel Marketing Hospitality Project (TDR Project)" as part of "Service Learning" for hands-on learning in collaboration with the local community.

 Service-learning in the Faculty of Community Policy is a new educational program that provides participatory and interactive experiential learning in collaboration with the local community, and further broadens the perspective of one's own academic research and career path based on what has been learned in the local community.By selecting issues of interest / interest from the three learning fields of business, administration, sports / culture, finding problems, thinking about solutions, and actually working, various issues faced by society and the structure of society Learn practically about.So far, we have conducted regional cooperation with Chiba Lotte Marines, Chiba Prefectural Police Headquarters, Yoshimoto Makuhari Aeon Mall Theater, etc., extracurricular training, illuminations in front of Chiba Station, Tokiwadaira housing complex sports fair, etc.

 The "Tokyo Disney Resort and Surrounding Hotel Marketing & Hospitality Project" will continue from 2017. In fiscal 2018, we will work on planning to double the enjoyment of Tokyo Disney Resort, set in the Tokyo Bay Tokyu Hotel, which just opened in May 2018, with the theme of "Travel to Tokyo Disney Resort."
The first session started on June 1 with 6 people, inviting Mr. Toru Mihashi, the hotel marketing manager, as a lecturer. For the second time on July 2, we announced the status of initiatives and plans for other hotels.After that, I received an explanation of accommodation jargon, which is important for planning, and learned about planning targeting.Training at the hotel is also planned in the future.

 At Shukutoku University Chiba Campus, where the Faculty of Community Policy is located, an open campus will be held on August 2018, 8.You can participate in mock lessons and hands-on lessons to learn about social research.Also, on August 5th, open campuses will be held at Tokyo, Saitama, and Chiba No. 8 Campus.

reference:[Shukutoku University] Shukutoku University Examination Student Information Site

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