Shukutoku University has signed a comprehensive agreement with Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture and Yashio City, Saitama Prefecture, to collaborate in various fields such as regional revitalization and human resource development.We will start concrete efforts in the near future, such as community development, popularization of sports for the disabled, and development of special products.

 According to Shukutoku University, the agreement with Chiba City signed on June 2017, 6 will revitalize the area of ​​Chuo Ward, where the headquarters of Shukutoku University is located, expand opportunities for citizens to participate in sports for the disabled, and provide nursing care. It was confirmed that 16 items such as problem solving would be linked.
Tetsuya Isooka, President of Shukutoku University and Toshihito Kumagai, Mayor of Chiba, attended the signing ceremony held at Shukutoku University.After signing the agreement, Mayor Kumagaya gave a lecture introducing the city's efforts.

 Under the agreement with Yashio City signed on June 6, we will continue to promote hands-on learning courses at Yashio Children's Dream University and volunteer cooperation for museum hands-on courses, as well as consider solving problems in the local community. I decided.At the signing ceremony, President Isooka and Mayor Shinobu Oyama signed the agreement.

 Since its founding, Shukutoku University has emphasized regional development and regional cooperation. The life and achievements of Shukutoku University founder Ryoshin Hasegawa, who foresaw that "coexistence with the local community is the mission of the university" 52 years ago, can be found in the "Gakuso Exhibition Room" set up on each campus.

Shutoku University
Shutoku University

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Shukutoku University is a comprehensive university consisting of 7 faculties and 13 departments of comprehensive welfare, community policy, nursing nutrition, management, education, and humanities.Based on the founding spirit of "altruistic symbiosis," we develop human resources who have basic abilities as a bachelor and are active in various fields.Practical learning that will help you to play an active role in society, each student […]

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