Shukutoku University, which has a campus in Chiba, has signed a comprehensive agreement with Chiba Lotte Marines since 2009 in order to contribute to the development of local communities and academic promotion through activities such as sports.

 As part of this, the university's "Service Learning Center" takes the lead in planning and holding the "Shukutoku University Special Night Game" every year. It will be held as a "special night game".

 In order to increase the number of spectators of "Special Night Game", project members centered on the Faculty of Community Policy are working on the "Chiba Lotte Marines Project", and in the past, they were lucky number lottery and on stage. We are planning cheerleading and kids' corners. In 2016, 17 students have been preparing for the day of the event.

 On May 5, fieldwork and watching games will be held at the match venue.Assuming a rainy weekday, I searched for hints to think about a plan that would be enjoyed by as many people as possible by considering the time of day and age group.A planning presentation will be held on June 17rd.As a result of inviting the staff of Jeff United, Chiba City Hall, Mihama Ward Hall, Chiba City, and Chiba Lotte to hear their opinions, "Yoshimoto Entertainer Neta & Talk" on the special stage, "Struck Out" with autographed colored paper, and original fan Will be distributed as a student-planned event.

The 2016 "Shukutoku University Special Night Game" will be held on Wednesday, August 8rd at QVC Marine Field.The game starts at 3:18.

Shutoku University
Shutoku University

To be "I want to be".Here is the learning that is suitable for the future "I"

Shukutoku University is a comprehensive university consisting of 7 faculties and 13 departments of comprehensive welfare, community policy, nursing nutrition, management, education, and humanities.Based on the founding spirit of "altruistic symbiosis," we develop human resources who have basic abilities as a bachelor and are active in various fields.Practical learning that will help you to play an active role in society, each student […]

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