List of articles on regional revitalization

Saitama Institute of Technology and the Fukaya Shopping District Association launch a support project for the local anime "Lehman's Club"

 Saitama Institute of Technology and the local Fukaya Shopping District Federation, where the campus is located, signed a partnership agreement in December 2021 to conduct a fact-finding survey, sales promotion activities, etc. […]

Josai University Faculty of Economics, Katsuura Seminar Helped Harvest About 5,200 Apples in Nagano City

 From October 2022th to 10th, 8, the Nobuyuki Katsuura seminar of the Faculty of Economics, Josai University, which is involved in the “Nagano City Apple Farmer Support Project”, will be held at high school […]

Kyoto Women's University and JR West sign a partnership agreement on data science education

 Kyoto Women's University, which is planning to open a data science department for the first time at a women's university in April 2023, will be a […]

Marketing to Solve Problems of Inns and Food Companies and Revitalize Local Areas Otemon Gakuin University Faculty of Business Administration Challenges

 Students studying marketing at Otemon Gakuin University's Faculty of Business Administration market a ryokan in Kumamoto Prefecture that lacks local souvenirs and a food company that is struggling to secure sales channels.

Tokyo Keizai University develops caramel using local Kokubunji blueberries through industry-academia collaboration and sells it at school festivals

 The seminar by Professor Norichika Ogi of the Faculty of Business Administration, Tokyo Keizai University touched on the charm of Kokubunji, where the campus is located, and inspired […]

Comprehensive partnership agreement signed with Kio University and Kawai Town

 On September 2022, 9, Kio University exchanged the ``Agreement on Comprehensive Collaborative Cooperation with Kawai Town and Kio University'' at the Kawai Town Office, […]

Toyo Gakuen University, Human Science Department Miyazono Seminar Students Cooperate with Local Shopping Street Events

 At Toyo Gakuen University, the shopping street in front of the Hongo campus, Hongo Oyokocho Street business association's summer festival, the Department of Human Sciences, Human Sciences, "Humans and criminals […]

Saitama Institute of Technology and Misato Town Conclude Comprehensive Agreement and Work on Regional Revitalization

 Saitama Institute of Technology and Misato-cho, Kodama-gun, Saitama Prefecture signed a comprehensive agreement on collaboration and cooperation between Misato-cho and Saitama Institute of Technology on Thursday, August 2022, 8 […]

Physical therapists who graduated from Kio University resume support for rehabilitation support projects in Ikoma City

 About 10 years ago, the Regional Rehabilitation Laboratory of Kio University Graduate School started the Ikoma City Community Rehabilitation Activity Support Project, “Resident-led […]

Craft beer “Chiba Dorado” brewed by Chiba University students and faculty members and breweries in the prefecture, sales start on August 8

 Chiba University student volunteers and Professor Manabu Hagiwara of the Graduate School of Science, and the brewery pub “Muginoie” in Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture, are craft beer ori […]
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