List of articles on regional revitalization

Temple University Japan Campus signs comprehensive partnership agreement with Ehime Prefecture, following Nagasaki and Yamanashi Prefectures

 On March 2024, 3, Temple University Japan Campus (TUJ) announced its partnership with Ehime Prefecture to promote international education, cultural exchange, and regional development.

Let’s cross “boundaries” to find “connection” FY5 COC+R National Symposium Report

The national symposium of COC+R (University-led regional revitalization human resource education program construction project) will be held on Saturday, February 2024, 2 at Shinshu University Nagano ([…]

Survey on the usage status of ``Samida Minna no Veranda'', a relaxing place created by students of Kio University's Department of Human Environmental Design

 Kio University has entered into a comprehensive partnership agreement with Kawai Town, Kitakatsuragi District, Nara Prefecture, and aims to create a place for interaction and a place for local residents to hang out in 2023.

Produced PR posters in collaboration with Chiba Institute of Technology, Shisui Town, and Keisei Electric Railway, displayed at 61 stations on the Keisei Line, etc.

 Chiba Institute of Technology held a joint class with Shisui Town in Inba District, Chiba Prefecture, and Keisei Electric Railway, and the students who took the class promoted Shisui Town […]

Kanazawa Seiryo University's community activity project student group produces a PR video that conveys the charms of Ishikawa Prefecture's public baths and autumn.

 Kanazawa Seiryo University provides assistance to voluntary student organizations that strive to solve local issues and engage in social contribution activities with the goal of ``facing the local community and learning from the local community.''

Tohoku Fukushi University, Faculty of Coexistence and Urban Development, Department of Coexistence and Urban Development is planned to be established in April 2025

 Tohoku Fukushi University will open a new ``Faculty of Coexistence and Urban Development, Department of Coexistence and Urban Development'' in April 2025 (planning for establishment is currently underway). In addition, the installation meter […]

Chiba University of Commerce students produce B.LEAGUE Chiba Jets official game

Students of Chiba University of Commerce will belong to the B2023 league of the professional basketball league “B.LEAGUE” on December 12th and 16th, 17 […]

Yokohama National University establishes new Shonan co-creation campus within Shonan Health Innovation Park, aiming to create new innovation through regional collaboration

 Yokohama National University is engaged in the promotion of health technology research, demonstration experiments, human resource development activities, and stay […]

Chiba University of Commerce introduces renewable energy that coexists with the local community through off-site corporate PPA and constructs agricultural solar power generation equipment 

 Chiba University of Commerce, CUC Energy Co., Ltd.*, and UPDATER Co., Ltd. announced on December 2023, 12 that they will be conducting an “off-site corporate […]
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