Kanazawa Seiryo University has a system called the Seiryo Jump Community Activities Project (commonly known as ChiiPro), which provides grants to voluntary student organizations that strive to solve local issues and contribute to society, with the goal of ``facing the local community and learning from the local community.'' ). One of the active groups, SMC (SEIRYO Movie Creators), is working on the public bath “Matsu no Yu” in Kanazawa City, which reopened in 2022, and the 100% natural hot spring public bath “Pure Yusenji” in Komatsu City. I created an introduction video.

 SMC, in collaboration with the Ishikawa Prefecture Public Bath Industry and Health Industry Association, aims to maximize the publicity of the characteristics of public baths in Ishikawa Prefecture that are still relatively unknown, as well as the charms that have long been loved by local people. I am producing a video.

 Following the spring and summer versions, the third autumn version of public bath videos is the public bath "Matsu no Yu" in Kanazawa City, which reopened in 3, and the 2022% natural hot spring free-flowing public bath in Komatsu City. Introducing "Pure Yusenji". Both bathhouses are popular with locals and tourists alike, and we were particular about camera composition and shooting methods to best convey their charm and characteristics. Continuing on from the previous video, the video includes a variety of scenes, including powerful footage of autumn leaves taken from the sky shot by a drone, scenes of autumn leaves at tourist spots such as Natadera Temple and Yamanaka Onsen Town, and sightseeing scenes featuring models. The video was created to let you feel the charm of autumn.

 The students who created the film said, ``We discussed with the members the angle from which to photograph the bathtub to convey its charm, and the subtitles to introduce the facility to convey the atmosphere inside the facility, and we shot through trial and error.In particular, we decided to shoot the sauna scene. We shot in a hot sauna, so all the members were drenched in sweat, so it was tough, but we were able to get some good scenes.For the photo shoot at Natadera Temple, we had planned to mainly shoot the autumn leaves, so the autumn leaves and the models. We shot from various angles to make the scene more attractive.We paid special attention to the scene introducing the public bath, as well as the powerful drone scene and the sightseeing scenes of the models, all of which capture the ``autumn'' of Ishikawa Prefecture. It's a video that all SMC members worked together to create so that the viewers can feel it, so I hope many people will watch it.''

Reference: [Kanazawa Seiryo University] [ChiiPro/SMC] Public bath introduction video Autumn ver. has been completed!

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