In April 2025, Tohoku Fukushi University will open a new ``Faculty of Coexistence and Urban Development, Department of Coexistence and Urban Development'' (planning for establishment is currently underway). Please note that the installation plan is tentative and is subject to change.

 "City development of coexistence" is the creation of a city where everyone can live comfortably, where everyone can expand their possibilities and enrich themselves physically, mentally, and socially (a city where everyone can achieve a state of well-being). About. This is the second time that ``Urban Development'' has been included in the name of a faculty, after Kokugakuin University established the ``Faculty of Tourism and Urban Development'' in April 2022.

 The Faculty of Coexistence and Urban Development, Department of Coexistence and Urban Development utilizes learning from three areas: ``Regional Economy/Management Area,'' ``Tourism/Culture Area,'' and ``Social Entrepreneurship/Regional Revitalization Area,'' to respond to regional issues and create new " Pursue and put into practice ``coexistence community development.'' Through multidisciplinary knowledge that responds to contemporary regional issues and practical learning in the local field, students will acquire practical knowledge of local society and culture, innovation, entrepreneurship, ICT including AI, etc. The first year's payment is 3 yen, and the degree obtained is a bachelor's degree (industrial welfare). The enrollment capacity is 1,268,200 students, 120 of whom are enrolled in the Applied Welfare Studies Linked Education Course.

Reference: [Tohoku Fukushi University] April 2025 Regarding the opening of a new faculty/department "Collaborative Urban Development Faculty, Symbiotic Urban Development Department" (under planning)

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