List of articles by Otemon Gakuin University

Fluoride ion and anion electron exchange reaction demonstrated by Otemae University and Nagoya University

 A research team led by Professor Tsuyoshi Takami of Otemae University, in collaboration with Nagoya University and the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, has demonstrated that fluoride ions can be diffused under an electric field.

A course to improve English teaching skills for elementary school teachers held at Otemae Gakuin Elementary School, lectured by Professor Matsumiya of Otemae Gakuin University

 On June 2024, 6, a course to improve English teaching skills for elementary school teachers will be held at Otemae Gakuin Elementary School (Chuo-ku, Osaka City), and Otemae […]

Otemon Gakuin University to establish four departments in the new Faculty of Science and Engineering

 Otemon Gakuin University is planning to establish a new Faculty of Science and Engineering (provisional name, under construction) with mathematics and data science, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, and information […]

Otemon Gakuin University to Establish Faculty of Science and Technology (provisional name, planning to establish) in April 2025

 In April 2025, Otemon Gakuin University announced plans to establish a new Faculty of Science and Technology (provisional name, under construction).At the same time, the new Sojiji Campus building ( […]

Marketing to Solve Problems of Inns and Food Companies and Revitalize Local Areas Otemon Gakuin University Faculty of Business Administration Challenges

 Students studying marketing at Otemon Gakuin University's Faculty of Business Administration market a ryokan in Kumamoto Prefecture that lacks local souvenirs and a food company that is struggling to secure sales channels.

Otemon Gakuin University to develop new public relations through university original fashion items

 Otemon Gakuin University develops the image of the modern Ibaraki Sojiji campus into fashion and sells original fashion goods […]

Otemon Gakuin University to Consolidate Bases in 2025 on Ibaraki Sojiji Campus

 On October 2022, 10, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the new school building (Phase II building) to be built by Otemon Gakuin University on the Ibaraki Sojiji Campus.

Gender stereotype occurs at ages 4 to 7, elucidated by Kyoto University, etc.

 In the case of Japanese people, stereotypes about gender such as “male = smart” and “female = kind” occur at the age of 4 to 7 years old, Kyoto University University […]

Otemon Gakuin University establishes Sojiji campus as a base in April 2025 and builds new school building

 Otemon Gakuin University built a new school building on the Ibaraki Sochiji Campus, consolidating most of the undergraduate, graduate and headquarters functions, and in April 2025, Ibaraki […]

Japan Student Services Organization reports on the case studies of 10 schools

 Japan Student Services Organization is implementing Otemon Gakuin University […], which is implementing a reference initiative for other schools to support students under the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
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