Kansai University Article List

Kansai University, TSUTAYA and industry-academia collaboration base on new campus

 Kansai University has signed a "business consignment contract for startup support business" with TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. Opened in October 2016 […]

Kansai University offers lectures on family businesses for successor students

 Kansai University collaborates with the small and medium-sized enterprise support organization "Osaka Industry Creation Center" in Osaka City to give a lecture "Business Research (Next [...]" for students whose parents run a business.

Kansai University collaborates with a shoe maker that has recovered from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake

Students from the Faculty of Policy Studies at Kansai University teamed up with a shoe maker in Nagata Ward, Kobe to jointly develop "greedy pumps for working women", and […]

2015 University Applicants Survey Is it a national public orientation due to the impact of the tax increase?

 The results of the "Survey on Academic Brand Power 2015", a university brand ranking for high school students conducted by Recruit Advancement Research Institute, have been announced. […]
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