Kansai University collaborates with the small and medium-sized enterprise support organization "Osaka Industry Creation Center" in Osaka City to give a lecture "Business Research (Business Administration for the Next Generation Successor)" for students whose parents run their businesses. It started from the month.A young manager who inherited the family business will be the instructor in a relay format.Discuss with students in the same situation based on the conflicts and experiences at the time when they decided to take over the family business.

 Family-owned business, where negative reports such as "house turmoil" are often highlighted.However, in recent years, many research results on the superiority of family-owned companies have been published by domestic and foreign researchers.Even in the United States, where M & A has been the mainstream, the economic rationality of family businesses, which make management decisions from a long-term perspective, is beginning to attract attention, as the number of family business successions is on the rise.

 On the other hand, according to a survey by Teikoku Databank (2014), about 28 companies, which is about 65% of the 18 domestic companies, answered that there is no successor.In addition, the number of business closures / dissolutions was 2, which is about 4,106 times the number of bankruptcies.Furthermore, at the Small and Medium Business Administration's "Study Group on Business Revitalization Centered on Business Succession <Interim Report>" (2.6), no successor could be found within relatives, and third parties and other companies outside the relatives could not find a successor. The number of cases (sale of business) required has increased, and the succession within relatives, which used to be 2014% or more, has decreased to about 9% in the last 10 years.

 Chie Yamano of Business Innovation Center Osaka, who is the coordinator of the lecture, said, "In order to maintain Japan's competitiveness, there is an urgent need to protect the family business succession culture that was a Japanese specialty. I hope that similar efforts will spread at various universities." He says.Lectures will be held 2016 times until July 7, 15.

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