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A new classroom building "Building No. 14 LECRO" has opened on the Koshigaya Campus of Bunkyo University!Challenge to revitalize new communication

Bunkyo University will celebrate its 2026th anniversary in 60. In 2021, the new “Tokyo Adachi Campus” will be opened in Adachi-ku, Tokyo, where the Faculty of International Studies, […]

The University of Tokyo elucidates the characteristics of the subjectivity of action, in which the personality of the voice determines the subjectivity of the utterance.

 The feeling that "the subject doing this act is oneself" is called the sense of subjectivity.Ryu Ohata, a specially appointed researcher at the University of Tokyo (at the time of research) and others […]

"Media x International" is the keyword Acquire practical intelligence in a curriculum that emphasizes output

From 2022, the Faculty of Communication Studies, Tokyo Keizai University has become a two-department system, the Department of Media Sociology and the Department of International Communication.child […]

Psychology: Videophone interaction has been demonstrated to reduce creativity

Psychology: Video calls are shown to reduce creativity […]