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Social Technology R & D Center Starts Calling for Proposals for 2022 Social Technology R & D Projects in 4

 The Research and Development Center for Social Technology (RISTEX), Japan Science and Technology Agency, will discuss the research and development project for social technology in 2022 (FY4) […]

Kansai University launches new corona countermeasure research project

 Kansai University launches an urgent project to study measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases.Research and infection of social resources to prevent medical collapse […]

Tokyo University of Agriculture introduces food loss reduction service to school cafeteria for the first time in Japan

 From October 2019, 10, Tokyo University of Agriculture will collaborate with Co-Cooking Co., Ltd. to create a cafeteria "Green" on the Setagaya campus […]

Japan's first Amazon Hub locker installed on the campus of Showa Women's University

 From September 2019, 9, we started installing and operating Amazon Hub lockers on campus at Showa Women's University. Amazon Locker […]

Tohoku University establishes new business to develop world-leading research areas

 Tohoku University is a new project to support challenging research that could become a global trend in 10 to 15 years with its own financial resources.

Ryukyu University and others start joint project to prevent fire ant invasion

 Ryukyu University, Kyoto University, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University and National Institute for Environmental Studies are joint professionals aiming to prevent and control the invasion of fire ants, which are foreign ants […]

Chiba University of Commerce, students start wine making project Crowdfunding to raise money

 From January 2019, Chiba University of Commerce will work on environmental issues and community contributions "CUC1 (One Hand Red) Wine Project" […]

Kaori Matsumoto, a judo gold medalist, opens an ice cream shop at Tokyo Fuji University

 Kaori Matsumoto, a 2012-kilometer gold medalist at the 57 London Olympics, will be on the first floor of Tokyo Fuji University Building No. 2019 on February 2, 12. […]

Niigata University Released an introductory video of the world's first academic field "Sakeology"

 At Niigata University, which opened the Sake Science Center in April 2018, the world's first academic discipline, "Sakeology," has been promoted both domestically and internationally […]

Collaborated with Chukyo University Nishio Shinkin Bank's regional revitalization project through joint research, etc.

 Chukyo University collaborates on regional revitalization projects utilizing the Nippon Foundation's "My Town Fund" started by Nishio Shinkin Bank through joint research […]
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