The Jissen Women's University Lifelong Learning Center is recruiting students for the "Nutritionist Brush-up Course" to be held on September 2022, 9 (24 times in total).Provide opportunities for professionals working in food and nutrition to brush up their qualifications and skills, and to relearn.

 The "Nutritionist Brush-up Course" is a specialized course in which instructors from Jissen Women's University, Faculty of Life Science, Department of Dietary Life Science take the lead in giving lectures.The aim is to develop human resources who can acquire specialized knowledge based on the latest information and actively contribute to society as professionals in the workplace and in the community. It is the ideal program for working adults who want to gain knowledge about nutrition, who are engaged in nutrition and food and want to learn systematically, and who are considering returning to the nutrition and food field after taking a leave of absence.

 Lectures will be held face-to-face and on Zoom on Saturday, September 2022, Saturday, October 9, Saturday, October 24, and Saturday, October 10, 1.The tuition fee is 10 yen including tax, and the capacity is 8 people.It is a pre-registration system, and it is necessary to apply to the Jissen Women's University Lifelong Learning Center by Saturday, September 10th.The program and schedule are as follows.

9:00-10:40 Public Nutrition (Associate Professor Nozomi Morikawa)
10:55~12:35 Nutrition Education (Associate Professor Junko Karashima)
13:15~14:55 Origin of diseases (Professor Teruhiko Matsushima)
15:10~16:50 Society/Environment and Health (Professor Keien Sasaki)

9:00-10:40 Basic Nutrition (Prof. Akio Nakamura)
10:55~12:35 Structure and Function of the Human Body (Biochemistry) (Prof. Akio Nakamura)
13:15~14:55 Structure and function of the human body (Prof. Shinji Kakehi)

9:00-10:40 Food and Health I Food Science (Prof. Yasumasa Sugiyama)
10:55~12:35 Clinical nutrition
13:15~14:55 Applied Nutrition (Professor Yuko Oho)

9:00-10:40 Food and Health II Food Safety (Associate Professor Kimihide Omichi)
10:55~12:35 School Lunch Management (Associate Professor Hiromi Yamagishi)
13:15~14:55 Conclusion (Professor Mika Shirao)

Reference: [Jissen Women's University] Lifelong Learning Center Nutritionist Brush-up Course Notice of Recruitment

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