Professor Ken Hori of the Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine released a checklist that summarizes important items for infectious disease control in the office in response to the relaxation of mask wearing as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus infectious disease from March 3. .

 According to Juntendo School Corporation, the checklist consists of two parts: ventilation and management.Of these, the ventilation version is an excerpt from an infection risk assessment tool under development at a joint research course established by Juntendo University and Shimizu Corporation, a major construction company, and the management version was independently developed by the Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine.

 In the ventilation section, five questions are set, such as "Is there a capacity for rooms where multiple people gather?" and "Is there a carbon dioxide monitor installed in the room?" is evaluated byA system that determines the ventilation of the office as "good", "caution" or "dangerous" based on the total score.

 In the management section, there are six questions, such as "Is there a rule to wear a mask in the workplace?" ” and “dangerous” indications are shown.

 The checklist is available on the joint research course website with Shimizu Corporation on the Juntendo University website.Professor Ken Hori commented, "It's important to choose how much risk you can tolerate and narrow down the necessary countermeasures when choosing infectious disease countermeasures. I would like to provide easy-to-understand information to everyone from a professional standpoint." Announced.

reference:[Pandemic Ready Joint Research Course] Juntendo University Releases "With Corona Checklist."

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