Tokyo Keizai University will be holding a series of 2023 online lectures for high school students, ``Tokyo University Live,'' from March to June 3, in the hope of helping high school students resolve their concerns about ``I don't really know what I can study at university.'' The episode was distributed.Due to the overwhelming response, a total of 6 live broadcasts will be held from October to December 11.

 The online lecture series "Tokei University Live" starting in October will offer all-new lecture content to give high school students who are worried about what they want to study an opportunity to learn about the world of social science, as well as hints when searching for a university or choosing a faculty. Expand with.Each lecture will be streamed live on the university's official YouTube channel, and an archive will be streamed at a later date.During the live broadcast, there will be a corner where you can directly ask questions to the university professor in charge via chat, which will consist of a 10-minute lecture and a 30-minute question corner.You can also attend just the lectures that interest you.

 To participate in the lecture, you must apply through a special website.

<Lecture Schedule>
◆ “Can people spot fake product reviews? ~Data science for healthy economic activity~”
10 month 5 day (Thursday) 18: 30 
Associate Professor Toshifumi Kuroda, Faculty of Economics

◆“What is the secret behind the delivery of the huge number of products available at convenience stores? ~Thinking about the role of logistics in supporting society~”
April 10 (Wednesday) 11:18 
Associate Professor Kosuke Miyatake, Faculty of Business Administration

◆ “What if there were no smartphones? ~ Understanding modern society through “media history””
10 month 19 day (Thursday) 18: 30 
Faculty of Communication Associate Professor Tomoko Matsunaga
◆"Are you good at English or not good at English? Why is there a difference? ~Let's elucidate the second language acquisition process~"
April 10 (Monday) 23:18
University-wide Common Education Center Associate Professor Chikako Nakagawa
◆ “Is a company “people” or “things”? ~Thinking about the future economy and society from the perspective of corporate law~”
April 10th (Friday) 27:18
Professor Masatoshi Tanabe, Faculty of Contemporary Law
◆ “How do connections between people change economic activities? ~Thinking about the economics of community~”
November 11th (Tuesday) 7:18~
Faculty of Economics Associate Professor Kenichi Kurita
◆“How do you explain the tips for hitting the ball? ~Sports coaching and evolving technology~”
11 month 16 day (Thursday) 18: 30
University-wide Common Education Center Professor Ai Endo
◆ “What is the difference between teams that produce results? ~Thinking about management from the perspective of business organization theory~”
April 11 (Monday) 20:18
Associate Professor Midori Yamaguchi, Faculty of Business Administration

◆ “What if there were no rules for “competition”? ~Role and importance of antitrust law~”
April 11 (Wednesday) 29:18 
Professor Hiroshi Nakazato, Faculty of Contemporary Law
◆ “What do foreign tourists want to do in NIPPON? ~Content tourism analyzed through tourism studies~”
January 12 (Tuesday) 5: 18 ~
Professor Tadashi Nakamura, Faculty of Communication

Application: [Tokyo Keizai University] “Tokyo University Live” special site 

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