Azabu University has entered into a joint research agreement with T&S Co., Ltd. on "sociological research to promote coexistence between humans and dogs," and a joint research project will be conducted by Professor Kenji Kikusui of the Laboratory of Interventional Zoology, Department of Applied Animal Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Start.We will investigate whether incorporating a system that allows pets to go shopping and eat and drink together will revitalize local communities and local economies.

 In this joint research, we will investigate the coexistence of humans and pets in shopping districts and street corners, and in particular the revitalization of local communities and local economies by incorporating systems that allow pets to go shopping and eat and drink when out and about.During the investigation, we will use T&S's suitcase-shaped pet carrier "iCO*".The project will also be developed with an eye to analyzing whether regional revitalization ultimately leads to the well-being of residents.

 In Japan, where the trend towards nuclear families and the disintegration of local communities is increasing, building trust and security among people is not only a decline in quality of life, but also a decline in the economy due to intolerance and mistrust, and a deterioration of well-being. It is thought that there is a connection.If this joint research enhances the relationship between pets and humans and fosters ties and trust in the community, it may help solve social issues facing Japanese society.

 At Azabu University's Intervention Zoology Laboratory, we are investigating how the intervention of animals, especially dogs, changes the bond between humans and fosters trust and peace of mind.Currently, we are working on the project ``Improving Well-being through Human-Dog Coexistence - Relationship with Strengthening the Body, Prosociality, and Social Networks'', which was selected as a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S), through the intervention of dogs. We are conducting social psychological research to determine whether people's sense of security and trust can increase and the bonds between people can deepen through prosocial behavior.We are also investigating whether these psychological changes will lead to the strengthening of local networks and social capital in the real world.

*"iCO" is a suitcase-shaped pet carrier.There are two sizes available to accommodate small to medium-sized dogs, and the design takes into account the comfort of the dog riding it and the usability of the person using it.It can be used not only for everyday outings, but also as an evacuation item in case of returning home, traveling, or disasters, allowing you to be ``always with'' your dog.

Reference: [Azabu University] Azabu University and T&S Co., Ltd. sign a joint research agreement on "sociological research to promote coexistence between humans and dogs"

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