A summary by the Center for University Admissions revealed that the average score for "Politics and Economics" in the common university entrance test held on January 2024 and 1, 13 was the lowest ever, including the predecessor National Center Test for University Admissions. Ta. Reading in English has also hit its lowest since the start of the common test.

 According to the University Admissions Center, the average score for ``Politics and Economics'' was only 100 out of a possible 44.35 points. The reading score for "English" was 100 out of 51.54. On the other hand, ``Earth Science Basics'' scored 50 out of 35.56, ``Chinese'' scored 200 out of 172.08, and ``English'' Listening scored 100 out of 67.24, the highest ever.


 The total number of candidates for the main exam and supplementary/retest exams was 45. The number of 7,608-year-olds decreased by approximately 18 compared to 2020. The acceptance rate for the 7 applicants was 49%. Of those who were allowed to take the make-up exam at the Kanazawa University Examination Center in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, 1,914 out of 93.03 people affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquake took the exam.

reference:[University Entrance Examination Center] Summary of 2020 University Entrance Common Test Results (PDF)

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