Ryukoku University Social Isolation Recovery Support Research Support Center Child-rearing Families Unit has been conducting joint research on social isolation of families raising children for two years from 2022 to 2023, and published the research results in ``Treatments for raising children alone - Supporting those who do their best.'' It has been summarized in a pamphlet.

 With the revision of the Child Welfare Act in 2001, all daycare workers were required to ``use their specialized knowledge and skills to provide childcare and childcare guidance to children's parents.'' More than 20 years have passed since this law was revised, and even now, there are cases in which there are issues that require consideration regarding the child's development, cases in which child rearing is difficult (due to financial hardship, etc.), and cases in which parents/guardians and child rearers are involved in cases of child abuse. Each nursery school, childcare center, or childcare worker is trying to figure out how to deal with the situation.

 With this background in mind, I created ``Treats for Raising Solitary - A Pamphlet to Support Me, Who Is Doing My Best'' with the reader in mind to be a newly appointed employee who is starting a working life as a childcare worker. The contents include children's stress reactions, things to consider when listening to parents, things to be careful about when listening to children, points to be aware of child abuse, etc., in addition to dealing with ``alone parenting'' families. Since supporting a child's family can place a heavy burden on the mind and body of childcare workers themselves, we have also included tips for self-care. The aim is for this pamphlet to help solve the difficult problem of ``solitary parenting,'' where a mother (or father) is raising a child in isolation without the support of family members or relationships with neighbors.

 ``Resets for Raising Solitary - A pamphlet to support my hard work'' can be downloaded for free from the Ryukoku University website.

Reference: [Ryukoku University] Published “Resets for “Raising Solitary” - Support pamphlet for me who does my best” [Social Isolation Recovery Support Research Support Center (SIRC)]

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