Tokyo College of Music announced that it will start the "Music Liberal Arts Major", a curriculum that integrates "music, English, and liberal arts", which is the first major in Japan's music university from April 2017.

 In the Music Liberal Arts major, while studying "music" specially, at the same time, acquire "practical English ability" and "international culture", not only professional musicians, but also music as the core of culture and the world. The purpose is to train international people who will lead the way.

 The curriculum consists of three compulsory courses: specialized music-related courses, mainly individual lessons and ensembles, practical English courses by level and small group classes, and liberal arts courses that emphasize presentations and discussions in English. It is a subject.

 All liberal arts courses are conducted in English.Learn not only to listen to lectures, but also to actively make presentations and discussions and convey your thoughts.The required English proficiency is to acquire English communication skills through "Tutorial English", which is a small group of 1 students for each native English speaker, and through presentations and writing classes. Develop practical English skills.Another feature is that each student has an "Academic Advisor" who provides detailed support from admission to graduation.

 The number of applicants for the Music Liberal Arts major is 12 people.The entrance exams include general entrance exams, AO entrance exams, returnee / international student entrance exams, and designated school recommended entrance exams. There is an entrance examination in September.Exam subjects are English, practical skills, and interviews.The entrance fee and tuition fee are 2017 yen for 2 years (first year: 3 yen / 4nd to 2017th year: 6 yen).

Tokyo College of Music

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