When the Japan Association of National Universities investigated the internationalization of education at national universities, it was found that among the five items for which numerical targets were set, Japanese students were not able to achieve them except for study abroad and classes in English.It seems that the limited exchanges due to the worldwide spread of the new coronavirus also had an effect.

 The survey was conducted on all 86 national universities, and responses were obtained from all the schools.According to the report, the target for foreign students was to increase to 2020% of undergraduate and graduate students by 10, but as of November 2020, it was only 11%. It is one point lower than a year ago, and it seems that the new Corona made it difficult for foreign students to enter the country.

 The goal is to increase the number of Japanese students studying abroad to 2020% of undergraduate and graduate students by 5. The actual result for FY2019 was 5.4%, which exceeded the target.The ratio of foreign faculty members has been aimed at 2020% by 2012, which is double the level in May 5, but it is only 6.4% in May 2020.

 By 2020, the number of classes in English has been targeted at 2012 undergraduates and 7,542 graduate schools, which is double the number in 1. The figures for 6,136 are 2020 undergraduate and 9,591 graduate school, both of which have achieved their goals.

 The numerical targets for internationalization at each national university were set at 2012 foreign students, 86 Japanese students studying abroad, and 74 foreign teachers, which will double from 56. In the fiscal year, the number of foreign students was 2020, the number of Japanese students studying abroad was 59, and the number of foreign teachers was 63.

reference:[National University Association] Results of the 8th Follow-up Survey on "Further Promotion of Internationalization of Education in National Universities"

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