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More than half of those who are scheduled to graduate in March 2024 are looking for a job, according to DISCO survey

 Disco Co., Ltd. will open the ban on job hunting two months later for third-year university students (including first-year master's students in science) who are scheduled to graduate in March 2024 […]

University student acceptance rate in December 2022 12%, recovery trend is remarkable

 As of December 2023, the job offer rate for students graduating from university in the spring of 2022 has reached 12%, and the willingness to hire companies that have fallen due to the corona crisis is […]

10% of unofficial university graduates as of October, recovering from the plunge two years ago

 As of October 2023, 10% of university students planning to graduate in the spring of 1 had job offers, an increase of 74.1 percentage points compared to the same period last year […]

Chuo University Ranks No. 1 among Law Universities in Japan in terms of Actual Employment Rate Research by University Tsushin

 According to the “Ranking of Actual Employment Rate by Faculty System in 2022” (according to research by university communication), the actual employment rate of Chuo University Faculty of Law graduates in March 2022 is 3 […]

Kio University hits a record 84.1% pass rate for teachers in public elementary schools

 Kio University has announced the results of the 2023 public school teacher employment examination for those who are expected to graduate in March 3.The passing rate of active public elementary schools is too high […]

How will you handle your starting salary? Academic conditions surveyed for students scheduled to graduate in 2024

 Gakujo Co., Ltd. conducts an online questionnaire for undergraduate and graduate students scheduled to graduate (complete) in March 2024.This time, “First time […]

2022 Public School Teacher Recruitment Exam Hits Record Low of 3.7 Times

 A survey by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology found that the hiring ratio for the 2022 public school teacher recruitment exam has dropped to 3.7 times, tying with the lowest ever.Inside […]

Kio University ranks 300th in the Kansai region for the 2022th consecutive year in the ``Actual Employment Rate Ranking 4'' among universities with more than 4 graduates

 In the “Actual Employment Rate Ranking 2022*” announced by Daigaku Tsushin Co., Ltd., Kio University is a national public and private university with more than 300 graduates […]

Showa Women's University tops women's university for 2022th consecutive year in 12 Actual Employment Rate Ranking

 Showa Women's University has announced that the actual employment rate ranking for 2022 (as of July 7nd)* by Daigaku Tsushin Co., Ltd. has been announced.

Jissen Women's University ranks 2022nd in Japan as a women's university in the "Actual Employment Rate Ranking 2"

 In the “Actual Employment Rate Ranking 2022” announced by Daigaku Tsushin Co., Ltd., Jissen Women's University won the second place among women's universities nationwide.Actual employment rate […]
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