Human Rights Now, a certified NPO, will be holding a human rights video contest again this year to mark World Children's Day.Why not give form to your desire to build a safer and more peaceful world through this contest? Let's work together to spread the smiles of children from Japan to the world.
While human rights issues have become more serious due to the spread of the new coronavirus, there have been some cases in which efforts to address human rights issues have taken the opportunity to make progress. The purpose of this project is to provide an opportunity for everyone to "learn," "think about," and "communicate" about human rights in a world that is changing drastically every day, and to take the first step toward building a better future.You can easily participate in the contest by simply submitting a video work about human rights around the world and around you.We look forward to receiving your active applications.

Contest overview
SponsorshipCertified NPO Human Rights Now (HRN)
Start accepting applications2023/8/28
Application deadline2023/11/12
Information year2023

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