# SASS2023 "SDGs / Sustainability Awards for Junior and Senior High School Students by College Students" is a video contest with the theme of SDGs run by college students.
The message of junior and senior high school students who will bear the future will be conveyed to the world through video, and junior high and high school students, university students, and companies will be connected in both directions to create a “spread that will change society”.
The recruitment theme is “Think about and act on the SDGs”
Let's take a picture of what you want to think about and disseminate about social issues, such as research on SDGs, raising problems, making suggestions, and acting on your own, using your own expression method!

Contest overview
Sponsorship# SASS2023 Executive Committee, Faculty of Business Administration, Mukogawa Women's University, Yokota Associates Co., Ltd., Anchor
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Start accepting applications2023/11/1
Application deadline2024/2/15
Information year2023

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