The Earth Science Olympics is a chance for middle and high school students to compete on their earth science knowledge and thinking skills, make friends from all over Japan and even the world, and enjoy the Earth.The Japan Geology Olympiad, which is held every year in Japan, is open to any middle school or high school student who loves geology.Approximately 1500 middle and high school students take on the challenge every year.Furthermore, at the International Geology Olympiad, students not only compete with peers from around the world, but also get to see the world through international exchange.We hope that many junior high and high school students will participate.
Since this competition also serves as a representative selection for the 2024 International Geology Olympiad, only students in their third year of junior high school to second year of high school will be able to proceed to the final selection (the third domestic selection for the international competition).
Test results can be used for comprehensive selection, school recommendation selection, etc. (Hokkaido University, Tohoku University, University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Shinshu University, Nagoya University, Mie University, Kobe University, Hiroshima University, Yamaguchi University, etc.).

Contest overview
SponsorshipNPO Geoscience Olympiad Japan Committee 
Start accepting applications2023/9/1
Application deadline2023/11/15
Information year2023

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