List of articles by universities in the Hokuriku region

Developed by Kanazawa Institute of Technology and Takara Tomy, "Beyond SDGs life game" to be distributed free of charge

 The “Beyond SDGs Life Game”, which Kanazawa Institute of Technology has been developing with Takara Tomy Co., Ltd., has been completed and will be released on September 2022, 9 […]

Kanazawa University, Fukui University, and Ishikawa National College of Technology's Space AI Human Resource Development Commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

 The space AI human resource development program promoted by Kanazawa University, Fukui University, and Ishikawa National College of Technology has been funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) for the promotion of aerospace science and technology […]

Pet ownership during pregnancy: Dogs are good for mothers, but cats are bad

 A research group led by Kenta Matsumura, a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toyama, used data from a national survey on children's health and the environment (Eco-Children's Survey) […]

Space satellite data and drone aerial images are also research materials.Information engineering × management science that updates medicine, agriculture, and industry

Utilizing raw data unique to an engineering university, the Faculty of Management Information was established to conduct research and analysis.

Study by University of Toyama on relationship between difficulty falling asleep and lifestyle habits in junior and senior high school students

 Due to the corona crisis, both adults and children are going through a difficult time mentally and physically due to the disruption of their lifestyles and various stresses.University of Toyama regional cooperation promotion […]

The incidence of febrile neutropenia caused by anticancer drugs has decreased significantly due to the corona crisis, discovered by Kanazawa University

 After the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, the number of patients with febrile neutropenia, one of the serious side effects of anticancer chemotherapy, was decreasing […]

For elderly people with a lot of activity, "more outings" is more important than the length of time they go out.

Ichi Uemura, Graduate School of Rehabilitation, Osaka Public University, says that the more elderly people go out, the more physical activity they need to maintain their health. […]

Former Toyama Mayor's proposal for local railway policy, published in academic journals

 Former Toyama Mayor Masashi Mori, a visiting professor at the University of Toyama, has published a paper entitled "Research on the Achievements and Issues of Railway Track Policy by Local Governments" in the academic journal "Actual […].

Omega 3 fatty acid, male intake reduces violence against spouse Toyama University

 Toyama University Academic […] shows that men who consume a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids contained in blue-backed fish have a low risk of violence against their spouse.

Overseas expansion of Japanese-style education, 2022 research and research at the University of Fukui

 With the overseas expansion of Japanese-style education promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the project of Fukui University was adopted for the 2022 research.Taliqu, Malawi, Africa […]
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