The Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has established a reconstruction support task force at the Regional Innovation Promotion Center in order to support the recovery of companies in the Noto region of Ishikawa Prefecture, which were severely damaged by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake. The company will also draw on its experience in supporting the Kumamoto earthquake that occurred in 2016 to support disaster-affected companies.

 According to the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, the recovery support task force will gather the needs and seeds needed by companies in the Noto region and then support the matching of those needs to advance the recovery of disaster-affected companies.

 Activities that connect interested participants with the research seeds of companies and universities at the "Matching Hub" held in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, and networks with financial institutions, industry, government agencies, etc. in and outside the Hokuriku region are utilized. In addition, he will draw on his experience in holding a matching hub for three years after the Kumamoto earthquake.

 Matching Hub is a platform for the development of new products and businesses aimed at regional revitalization and regional revitalization, hosted mainly by the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Many companies from the Noto region have also participated so far. In March, the Matching Hub National Expansion Promotion Council will discuss specific initiatives.

reference:[Hokuriku Advanced Institute of Science and Technology] Towards the reconstruction of “Noto” - Launch of reconstruction support task force -

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