List of articles about universities in Oita prefecture

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University to "Full tuition exemption" for those with excellent grades from 2023 New dormitory fee reduction and exemption

 Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) will introduce a new dormitory fee reduction and exemption system limited to 2023 to 2026, and will start in Japan from 2023 […]

Japan Student Services Organization reports on the case studies of 10 schools

 Japan Student Services Organization is implementing Otemon Gakuin University […], which is implementing a reference initiative for other schools to support students under the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

THE World University Rankings Japanese version 2022 announced, Tohoku University tops for 3 consecutive years

 The British magazine "Times Higher Education (THE)" published on March 2022, 3, "THE World […]"

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, recruiting participants for online program for high school students

 Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University is an online program "BEGIN Jr." for new high school first to third graders all over Japan.

11 national universities in Kyushu collaborate to realize carbon neutrality

 Eleven national universities in Kyushu, including Kyushu University, have launched the Kyushu District Renewable Energy Cooperation Committee to realize carbon neutrality in 11 […]

Thinking about the meaning of learning with international students again toward the post-corona

Corona Sorrow APU On September 2021, 9, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) held its 24nd Fall Entrance Ceremony online, […]

Great effect on extending the life of automobile products and reducing carbon dioxide

 Environmental measures for automobiles are focused only on reducing carbon dioxide emissions during driving, but extending the product life will greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions […].

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University opens Japan's first "Knowledge Cafe" online store

 Enrition Co., Ltd. has opened the first "Knowledge Cafe" online store in Japan at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University.Opened a physical store […]

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University received 4 stars in university evaluation "QS STARS"

 In March 2021, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University gave a comprehensive evaluation of 3 stars in the individual university evaluation service "QS STARS" of QS in the UK […]

Infectious disease research center in Congo, Osaka City University, etc. Possibility verification

 Research by Associate Professor Yasutoshi Kido of Osaka Metropolitan University Graduate School of Medicine has been adopted by the Japan Medical Research and Development Organization for the "Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases Research Infrastructure Creation Project" […]