List of articles on energy issues

"ZEH housing" that can be evacuated at home during summer power outages Waseda University and Asahi Kasei Homes verified

 The Net Zero Energy House (ZEH), which achieves virtually zero annual energy consumption through improved insulation performance, energy saving, and energy creation, will open in the summer […]

Developed by Tohoku University, an almost transparent solar cell that allows 80% of visible light to pass through

 The research group of Associate Professor Toshiaki Kato of Tohoku University Graduate School is "Transition Metal Daikal Kogenai […]" which is a transparent and flexible semiconductor atomic sheet.

Kyushu University and Kyocera start organizational-based collaboration to tackle social issues through industry-academia collaboration

 Kyushu University and Kyocera Corporation signed an organization-friendly collaboration agreement on June 2022, 6.The 3st Collaboration Council on July 7th of the same year (Kick-off Mi […]]

Expectations for carbon neutrality Osaka University predicts household energy consumption in 2050

 Professor Yoshiyuki Shimoda of the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University and Takaya Nishimoto (master's course), a graduate student, have a detailed bottom-up that is unprecedented in the world […]

Kinki University newly established "Faculty of Informatics" and "Department of Energetic Materials" in April 2022

 Kinki University reorganized the Faculty of Science and Engineering in April 2022, and became the 4th faculty on the Higashi-Osaka Campus with the Faculty of Science and Engineering as the parent body "Information [...]

Discussion at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and decommissioning

 A workshop where researchers from Tokyo Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States exchange opinions on advanced nuclear systems is held in the United States […]

University of Tsukuba succeeds in "thermoelectric generation", a battery technology that does not require charging

 Professor Moritomo Hiroshi's research group at the University of Tsukuba has created an ion-battery-type thermal power generation cell in which "cobalt pull champagne analogs" are placed on the positive and negative electrodes […].

Hitotsubashi University team wins gold prize in an advertising contest on the theme of "radioactive waste" 

 "Adfes 2017 […]" held by the student group Adfest, where university advertising research groups and circles compete for their own advertising plans.

Highly efficient production of hydrogen from the sun and water, developing the world's first photocatalyst Osaka University

A research group led by Professor Tetsuro Mashima of the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University has developed a photocatalyst using black phosphorus, and when this photocatalyst is used, visible light and near-red […]

Developed a temperature adaptation model that aims to achieve both energy saving and comfort in the office Tokyo City University

 A research team led by Professor Rijal Hom Bahadur of the Faculty of Environmental Studies, Tokyo City University revealed the comfortable temperature of each season in the office, and it was pleasant […]