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Yokohama City University Tsurumi Campus and RIKEN Yokohama Campus, Research Facilities Open to the Public

 Yokohama City University Tsurumi Campus and RIKEN Yokohama Campus are open to the public once a year so that visitors can get familiar with cutting-edge research […]

Taisho University holds a photo exhibition expressing the heat of Cuba

 In the art space "ESPACE KUU Sora" (hereinafter referred to as "Espace Sora") set up on the campus of Taisho University (Toshima-ku, Tokyo) […]

University Co-op Releases Monthly "Selling Books" Ranking at 10 Universities Nationwide

At the National University Co-op Association (University Co-op), once a month, the 1 best book sales in the book department of the 10 university co-ops nationwide "Book Be [...]

Medical engineering symposium introducing the latest research at Chiba University

Chiba University Frontier Medical Engineering Center is the first in the world at the Keyaki Kaikan on the Chiba Onishi Chiba Campus in Yayoi-cho, Inage-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture on the 5th […]

The University of Tokyo and Hakuhodo University Competitive Brand Design Contest Held

 Hakuhodo's branding organization "Hakuhodo Brand Design" is for university students together with the University of Tokyo (Liberal Arts Education Advancement Organization) […]

Enemane House 2015, Yamaguchi University and 4 other universities exhibit model houses

Five model houses that propose advanced technology and new ways of living under the theme of "students think about future homes" through collaboration between universities and private companies […]

Kyoto University holds "Kyoto University Weeks 11" until November 7th

 Every year, the week from November 11st to 1th is "Education and Culture Week".During the period, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Board of Education will play a central role in various parts of the country […]

Lecture by Astronaut Furukawa at Chiba University

On the 28th, a special lecture by astronaut Satoshi Furukawa will be held at the Inohana Memorial Hall of Chiba University in Inohana, Chuo-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture.Graduate School of Medicine and Pharmacy […]

Japan Women's University / Kobe University holds a lecture on "Asako Hirooka", the main character of the morning drama

 A public lecture focusing on Asako Hirooka, who is known as a female businessman in the Meiji era, who is the main character of NHK's serial TV novel "Asa ga Kita", is in Japan [...]

"Books that changed the world" held in November, including the first edition of "The Origin of Seeds" owned by Kanazawa Institute of Technology

 Isaac Newton's "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy Principia (1687 First Edition)", Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species […]
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