List of articles in the Faculty of Engineering

Recruit Begins Support for the University of Tokyo Metaverse Faculty of Engineering

 Recruit will be a platinum corporate member of the University of Tokyo Metaverse Faculty of Engineering, which will be held in September 2022, and will be a secretary company of the steering committee in 9 […]

Nagoya Institute of Technology establishes core engineering curriculum (mainly at night) and abolishes general selection from April 2022

 From April 2022, Nagoya Institute of Technology will reorganize the four departments of the Faculty of Engineering (Part 4) and establish a new core engineering curriculum centered on nighttime education. […]

Nara Women's University Faculty of Engineering (under construction), application for inquiry ability entrance examination "Q" scheduled to start from September

 In April 2022, the first department of engineering in the history of Japanese women's colleges will be established at Nara Women's University (under construction).In the Faculty of Engineering, together […]