Tohoku University's Faculty of Engineering will hold a special lecture for high school students in Tokyo on March 3th (Sunday) in order to let young people in the Tokyo metropolitan area learn about the faculty's appeal. Five professors from Tohoku University's Faculty of Engineering will introduce the world's most cutting-edge research they are conducting, and talk about the appeal of Tohoku University.

 According to Tohoku University, the venue will be Hitotsubashi University Hitotsubashi Auditorium in Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Following the greetings from Akinori Ito, Dean of the Department of Engineering, Professor Fumio Narita of the Department of Materials Science, Professor Daisuke Nagao of the Department of Chemical and Bioengineering, Professor Yuji Matsuura of the Department of Electrical, Information and Physical Engineering, Professor Makoto Hisada of the Department of Architectural and Social and Environmental Engineering, and the Department of Machine Intelligence Professor Yasunari Tomei of the Department of Aeronautical Engineering will explain his research, as well as provide information on support for female students and entrance exams.

Inside the venue, there will be a consultation/interaction corner and a material distribution corner, and there will be consultations on student life and study abroad, as well as job introductions for female engineers.

<Special lecture for high school students, etc. “Tohoku University Faculty of Engineering in Tokyo”>
Date and time: March 2024, 3 (Sunday) 24:9-45:16 (doors open at 30:9)
Venue: Hitotsubashi Auditorium Academic Center 2nd floor
Target: High school students, prospective students, parents, high school teachers, etc. (Third year junior high school students are also welcome to participate from April)
Cost: Free
Application: Advance application for each lecture from the dedicated website by Sunday, March 3th (capacity system, accepted on a first-come, first-served basis)
Content: "Materials research that connects dreams to the future - Energy, environment, space -" Professor Fumio Narita, Department of Materials Science
   “Designing how to make functional materials using microparticles” Professor Daisuke Nagao, Department of Chemical and Bioengineering
   Professor Mami Tanaka explains support for female students
   Faculty of Engineering Entrance Examination Professor Takeshi Sato
   “What you can do at the Department of Electrical and Information Physics Engineering + Introduction to Medical Engineering Research” Professor Yuji Matsuura, Department of Electrical Information Physics Engineering
   “Aiming for a well-being society where no one is left behind” Professor Makoto Hisada, Department of Architectural and Social Environmental Engineering
   “Creating and Using Fine Materials - To Create New Material Systems” Professor Yasunari Tomei, Department of Mechanical Intelligence and Aeronautical Engineering

reference:[Tohoku University Faculty of Engineering portal site for high school students and prospective students] Special lecture for high school students “Tohoku University Faculty of Engineering in Tokyo”

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