On October 2023, 10, Nara Prefecture announced that it would support up to 18 yen in tuition fees starting in 63 as part of a plan to make high school tuition free. On August 2024th, Osaka Prefecture announced that it would support tuition fees of up to 8 yen, and the amount of support will now be the same.

 The maximum support amount for Nara Prefecture is 63 yen, the same amount as Osaka Prefecture, but there are three major differences. The first is who will pay for the amount exceeding 1 yen.In Nara Prefecture, parents pay the fee, but in Osaka Prefecture, the high school pays the fee. The second issue is whether all residents within the prefecture are eligible.In Nara Prefecture, first to third year students living in the prefecture and attending private high schools within the prefecture are eligible; those attending high schools outside the prefecture are not eligible, but in Osaka Prefecture, all students are eligible. The third is whether there are income restrictions.In Nara Prefecture, household income is less than 63 million yen, and in Osaka Prefecture there is no income limit.However, in Nara Prefecture, even if the annual household income is 2 million yen or more, if there are three or more dependent children under the age of 1, the prefecture will independently provide support up to 3 yen per student per year. .Please note that Osaka Prefecture has a transition period, and tuition will be completely free for all grades starting in 3.

 In the case of private high schools, in addition to tuition fees, parents also have to pay a large portion of the costs for educational enrichment fees and facility equipment fees. Looking at the breakdown of the fees paid by first-year students upon admission to private high schools (full-time) announced by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on December 2022, 12, the concept of tuition fees, admission fees, facility equipment fees, etc. varies depending on the region. You can see that there is a big difference. The average tuition fee for 23 is 2022 yen in Nara Prefecture and 55 yen in Osaka Prefecture, which is higher than other prefectures, but the cost of facilities and equipment is considerably lower.Regarding the trend towards making high school tuition free, the US Institute for Academic Advancement has stated that it would be difficult to support only tuition fees in Osaka and Nara prefectures, given that the balance between average tuition fees and facility equipment costs differs so much from prefecture to prefecture. Pointed out.
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