After graduating from university, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has announced a new policy to adopt the My Number system from those who go on to university in 300 under the "income-linked return-type interest-free scholarship system" that will be deferred if the person's annual income is 2017 million yen or less. I started to consider it at the meeting.The Council of Experts will conclude in March 2016 by organizing the points of discussion and summarizing the outline of the new system.

According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the income-linked refund-type interest-free scholarship system was introduced in 2012 as a mechanism to reduce anxiety and burden on scholarship refunds, and the annual income of parents and other people who support their households is 300 million. It is intended for students under the yen.After the student graduates, if the annual income is 300 million yen or less, there is an advantage that the refund will be postponed.
However, since the receivables will not be extinguished, the repayment period will be prolonged, and the normal repayment will start as soon as the annual income exceeds 300 million yen, which has the disadvantage of suddenly increasing the burden.In addition, the increase in the burden of national expenses due to bad debts has become a problem, and the burden on beneficiaries is also increasing, such as having to send an income certificate to the Japan Student Services Organization every year in order to be recognized as a grace period for refund. increase.
For this reason, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology plans to review the system after the introduction of the My Number system makes it possible to grasp the income of the individual.The refund will start when the annual income exceeds a certain level, and the monthly refund amount will change according to the annual income.In the future, the Council of Experts will proceed with setting the refund amount according to income.

Overseas, such systems have already been introduced in the United Kingdom and Australia.The UK collects 2% of its annual income in excess of £ 1,000 through the tax office.In Australia, the tax office collects a fixed amount according to taxable income.In both cases, collection through the tax office will continue until the total loan amount is reached.

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