On July 2015, 7, Mr. Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo, passed away.Mr. Iwata enrolled in Tokyo Institute of Technology Class 11 in 1978.While still in school, I was involved in the game production company HAL Laboratory as a part-time job, and joined the company at the same time as graduating in 5.After that, he became president of HAL Laboratory in 1982, director of Nintendo in 1993, and president of Nintendo in 2000.Tokyo Institute of Technology announced a comment on this obituary.

I have summarized the comments of Mr. Iwata, who once had an exchange with Mr. Iwata and is a professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology.
◆ Professor Tomohiko Uematsu, a classmate in college
 Mr. Iwata owned a personal computer before the release of domestic personal computers and was one of the first to work on programming.In software-related lessons and practical training, he showed outstanding talent such as writing programs more accurately and faster than anyone else.
◆ Laboratory senior, Professor Motoji Saeki
 In the laboratory, we were developing a program to recognize mathematical formulas handwritten with a pen on a tablet.It was a wonderful performance at that time, and if you think about it now, it may have been the prototype of the touch panel function of the Nintendo DS.He was also cheerful and took good care of his classmates, showing a glimpse of leadership.
◆ Professor Satoshi Matsuoka, a part-time worker at HAL Laboratory
 I was devoted to developing games with Mr. Iwata, but eventually I left HAL Laboratory to concentrate on my own research.At that time, Mr. Iwata said that he would be successful in the game industry and Matsuoka would be successful in his research.After that, Mr. Iwata demonstrated his foresight, which can be called "Japanese Bill Gates," and created an era.

 Both mention Mr. Iwata's extraordinary talent.The game that trains the brain of the Nintendo DS has dominated the world, but it is surprising that I was engaged in research on the technology of the touch pen that is the core of it when I was a student. The sudden obituary at the age of 55 is just too early.
Source:[Tokyo Institute of Technology] In memory of Satoru Iwata

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