Okayama University's Civilization Dynamics Research Institute has started recording distribution of the 14th RIDC Monthly Research Seminar "History of Nagashima Aiseien as Seen from Residents' Housing".

 The Research Institute for Dynamics of Civilization (RIDC) will open in 2021 as Okayama University's fourth research institute and the first in the humanities and social sciences. RIDC holds the RIDC Monthly Research Seminar as a place to freely report and discuss the research results of faculty members involved in RIDC and the progress of ongoing projects.

 This time, we have started recording and distribution of the 2022th RIDC Monthly Research Seminar "History of Nagashima Aiseien as seen from the housing of residents" held online on July 7, 20.The speakers were Lecturer Hiroyuki Matsuoka from the Department of Social and Cultural Sciences at Okayama University and Assistant Professor Min Jung Park from the Department of Environmental and Life Sciences.

 As part of joint research with RIDC, the authors are working on a survey of historical records of Nagashima Aiseien (Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture), which was established in 1930 as Japan's first national sanatorium for Hansen's disease. However, these are drawings, etc., created for facility management.It can be said that one of the characteristics of sanatoria is that housing was built in medical facilities, but research on the housing of residents tends to be limited to individual reconstructions based on interviews.Advances in research into public records of sanatoriums are making objective spatial reconstructions of individual buildings possible.

 In this report, we consider modern and contemporary Japan's Hansen's disease sanatoriums based on clues such as housing types in sanatoria up to the present day, images of residents' lives under them, and changes in sanatorium spaces centering on Nagashima Aiseien. do.

 Anyone can watch the seminar for free on YouTube's RIDC official YouTube channel.

Reference: [Research Institute for Dynamics of Civilization, Okayama University] The video of the 14th RIDC Monthly Research Seminar has been released. 

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