If the Tokyo Olympics had not been held, what would have happened to the number of people infected with the new coronavirus?When the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research estimated cases from 42 countries around the world based on public data on new coronavirus infections, it came out that the number of infected people in Japan had been halved.

 According to the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research, it is estimated that a research group consisting of Shuhei Nomura and Daisuke Yoneoka, chief researchers of the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research, Kentaro Fukumoto, professor of law at Gakushuin University, and Takayuki Kawashima, assistant professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology's School of Information Science and Technology A synthetic control method was performed in which the data were synthesized to create a hypothetical value.


 At the Tokyo Olympics, a bubble system was adopted to block athletes and related parties from the outside world. It is possible that local infections may have increased due to the influence of the general public's adherence to infection control measures.

Paper information:[BMJ Open] Effect of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games on COVID-19 incidence in Japan: a synthetic control approach

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