Diamond Human Resources Co., Ltd. conducted the 2023th “New Graduate Recruitment Ability Ranking Survey” targeting university and graduate students scheduled to graduate (complete) in March 3 (16 valid responses).This is a summary of companies that have gained support from students in each aspect of regular recruitment of new graduates.While online communication has become mainstream from recruitment publicity to selection, major financial institutions such as life and non-life insurance, securities, and megabanks are in the top 855 overall rankings. ranked eight companies.

 The “New Graduate Recruitment Ability Ranking” was surveyed during the period when major popular companies start recruitment selection after recruitment publicity activities (March 2022 to June 3, 24).Recruitment public relations and selection activities of companies are "(6) Website", "(30) Internship/Career Development Program", "(7) Pamphlet/Joining Guide", "(XNUMX) Web Mail/SNS", "(XNUMX) Seminar/Explanatory Meeting", "(XNUMX) Senior Employees/Discussion Meeting", " (XNUMX) Screening/Interview” Summarizes student evaluations for each of the seven fields above, and defines the total points in each field as the company's ability to recruit new graduates, which is used as a comprehensive ranking. 

 The first place in the "home page" field is Mitsui & Co. It was highly evaluated for its design and rich amount of information, such as "The design is cool and I learned a lot about business cases." In the field of “internship/career development program,” Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance has been ranked first for the fifth consecutive year.It offers multiple programs, and says, "After participating in the summer online program, I participated in the face-to-face program. By actually talking face-to-face with employees, I was able to understand the work better and feel the corporate culture." Student satisfaction has increased.

 Nippon Life Insurance won the first place in the "brochure/introductory guide" field for "Information is organized in a reasonable amount of sentences, and interviews with employees who are actually working deepened their understanding of the company." In the field of "webmail/SNS", Sky, which disseminated information on various media such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, took first place for the first time.

 Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance ranked first in the field of "seminars/briefings", saying, "I participated in many seminars. The content was very useful for industry and company research." There was,” was well received. Nippon Life Insurance, which ranked first in the category of “senior employees and social gatherings,” said, “I received advice from many employees,” and “I was able to proceed with the selection while deepening my understanding of the work content and corporate culture.” It was highly evaluated in the item of

 Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance ranked first in the field of "selection and interview". "They created a relaxed environment," "There were plenty of opportunities for feedback, so I was able to participate in the selection on an equal footing," "It wasn't oppressive," and "The selection focused on personality." was done.

 Nippon Life Insurance came in first overall in the overall ranking, which summarizes points in seven fields.It has gained support from students in a well-balanced manner in each field and won the overall first place for the second year in a row.The top 7 are below.

<Top 10 overall ranking for new graduate recruiting ability>
No. 1Nippon Life Insurance
Second place Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance
3rd Daiwa Securities Group
4th place Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance
5th Dai-ichi Life Insurance
6th placeSky
7th place Itochu Corporation
8th Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance
9th Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
10th Sompo Japan Insurance

Reference: [Diamond Human Resources Co., Ltd.] Breaking news !! New graduate recruiting ability ranking selected by university students 2022 (graduated in 23)

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