Eleven Musashi University students enrolled in an international program with the University of London in the UK have received degrees from the University of London in the 11-2021 academic year.Going forward, this program will shift from the Faculty of Economics to the Faculty of International Liberal Arts, which will open in April 2022, and expand the number of students.

 From 2015, Musashi University was the first in Japan to implement an international program that allows students to obtain a degree from the University of London.All classes are taught in English, and the content is highly specialized in economics and business administration. rice field.

 However, in the 2020-2021 academic year, 2 second-term student and 1 3rd-year students obtained the certificate, and in the 10-2021 academic year, 2022 third-term student and 3 1th-year students obtained the certificate. growing significantly.Many of the students graduated from general preparatory schools such as Tokyo Metropolitan Sakuramachi High School, Shizuoka Prefecture Shizuoka Higashi High School, and Chiba Prefecture Sakura High School.Musashi University says that continuing the program for four years has led to significant growth.

 Those who have obtained a degree have gone on to graduate school, Rakuten Group, Trend Micro, Cross Marketing Group, Ipsos, etc. One of the 4th graduates said, "I've been bad at English since high school, and at first I had a hard time understanding the content of the classes, but thanks to that, my TOEIC English score improved by 200 points compared to when I entered school, and I became my first choice for employment. I received an informal job offer. The four years of hard work gave me a lot of confidence."

reference:[Musashi University] Parallel Degree Program (PDP) between University of London and Musashi University 4 students in the 10th batch obtained degrees from University of London! ―PDP moved to the Faculty of International Liberal Arts, Department of Economics and Management― (PDF)

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