On March 2023, 3 (Friday), the network "International University Network for the Future", which includes Josai International University, Kansai University of International Studies, and Kyushu International University, will hold the "International University Forum" with the theme of career support for international students. ” will be held.It will be held face-to-face and online, and the participation fee is free.

 Career support for international students is an important issue that not only supports the students themselves, but also contributes to the development and globalization of Japan.The theme of the forum was "For a bright future for international students - Career support required in a diverse society -". You see, what kind of human resources are needed by those who hire international students, and what kind of problems they are facing?

 The program planned for the forum is as follows.
〇Keynote Speech "Current Situation and Challenges of Career Support for International Students" by Kazuhiko Yano, Deputy Chairman of the Japan Student Services Organization
〇Lecture by the organizer "Learning Opportunities and Learning Outcomes Required for International Students" Kansai University of International Studies President Atsushi Hamana
〇University Lecture "For Japan to be Chosen by International Students -From the Perspective of Career Support-" Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Tokyo Office Director Takeshi Ito
〇Corporate lecture "From product development to overseas business -International students active on the front lines-" Human Resources Department, Komeri Co., Ltd.

 The date and time will be March 2023, 3 (Friday) from 3:15 to 16:40.The venue is Josai University Educational Corporation's Tokyo Kioicho Campus No. 1 basement hall, and anyone can participate for free.In the case of venue participation, we will accept up to 80 people on a first-come-first-served basis.There is no capacity for online distribution, and you can watch it from March 3rd to 3th.Those who wish to participate must apply by the end of February 17 using a special form.

Reference: [Josai International University] "International University Forum" will be held on March XNUMX as a career support theme for international students Recruitment of participants 

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