Recruit Jobs Co., Ltd.'s research institute "Jobs Research Center" conducts a "Job Seekers Trends and Awareness Survey" every other year in order to investigate the trends and awareness of job seekers.This time, as a student version of the "Trends and Awareness Survey of Job Seekers", we surveyed high school students, university students, etc. about trends and awareness regarding part-time jobs while they are still in school.The number of valid responses is 3,261.

 According to the survey, 1% of all respondents have had the experience of looking for a job other than new graduates in the last year (April 2017 to March 4).It was 2018% for college students and 3% for high school students.

 Regarding the purpose of work, "to secure free money (pocket money)" was the most common at 64.9%.Next was "to maintain a livelihood" at about 4%, especially for university students.Other than financial aspects, "22.0% to grow myself" and "15.2% to broaden my horizons" were ranked high.

 Looking at the job types that I was looking for, the top three items were "convenience store / supermarket clerk", "hall staff (restaurant waiter / waitress)", and "fast food clerk" for both university students and high school students.Among college students, "Cram school teachers, tutors, scoring, correspondence education" was ranked 3th, and "general office work, staff positions" was ranked 4th, which was a difference from high school students.Also, when asked about the types of jobs they avoided when looking for a job, they said "sales / service 5%", "cosmetology / medical care 66.8%", and "driver 38.3%".

 The desired minimum hourly wage is about 1,000% for each of those who say "1,050 to less than 950 yen", "1000 to less than 900 yen", and "950 to less than 17 yen".About 800% of high school students answered "850-less than 2 yen". Compared to the 2013 survey, the desired minimum hourly wage has increased, and it is presumed that the increase in the minimum wage and the increase in the hourly wage due to the shortage of human resources have had an effect.On the other hand, the hourly wages of those who actually worked part-time or part-time were 900% for "950-less than 18.1 yen" and 950% for "1000-less than 15.2 yen".It will be slightly lower than the desired minimum hourly wage, but it is considered that there is no big difference.

* The target of the questionnaire is men and women aged 15 to 29 years nationwide.Those whose current profession is graduate student, college student (daytime), college student (night), junior college student, preparatory school student, vocational school / miscellaneous school student, or high school student.All non-high school students are counted as "university students, etc."

Reference: [Recruit Jobs Jobs Research Center] <Student version> Trend and awareness survey of job seekers 2018

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