Successful applicants for the University of Tokyo "Recommended Entrance Examination" and Kyoto University "Special Entrance Examination", which were introduced for the first time in 2016, have been announced.

 The University of Tokyo introduced a recommendation admission test in 2016 to actively accept students who are willing to study independently and grow into human beings who play creative roles in each field. The number of applicants is 10, while the recruitment of 100 faculties is about 173. The first selection and interview were conducted in December 2015, and the National Center Test for University Admissions was conducted in January 12. On February 1, 2016, 1 successful applicants for the first recommended admission were announced.Of the successful applicants, 2016 were 2%, which was about 10 points higher than the general entrance exam, and 77% of the schools other than Kanto were from, exceeding the general entrance exam by about 37.7%.Until now, the male-female ratio of students was about 29 to 20, and the school from which they were born continued to be biased toward a specific preparatory school. Was able to promote.

 On the other hand, the characteristic entrance examination of Kyoto University is comprehensive by document screening, examinations set by each faculty and department, and university entrance examination center examination regarding the behavior and achievements in high school study and the adaptability to the curriculum and educational course in the desired faculty. It is a new selection system that evaluates to, and we plan to recruit about 108 people.By February 2016, 2, which is the same as the University of Tokyo, successful applicants for all faculties except the Faculty of Law, which will be held in the second semester, have been announced, and 10 people passed in the first year of 2016.There are also faculties of engineering (earth engineering, industrial chemistry) where there were no applicants, and pharmacy (pharmaceutical science) where there were two applicants but no successful applicants. The result was.This vacancy will be added to the recruitment staff for the previous term.In addition, the special entrance examination for the Faculty of Law will be held in the latter half of the general selection schedule, and the final successful applicants will be announced on March 60, 2.

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